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About Us

We are Bob and Mairi Nicolson and currently own four English Springer Spaniels, two dogs and two bitches, along with four Birman cats (who think they are dogs !). We all live in the country just outside Inverness in the North of Scotland.

We have been involved in breeding and showing dogs since the late 60's initially with Irish Setters, then Pointers before acquiring, in 1993 a Black & White English Springer Spaniel bitch (Cleavehill Midnight Star) from Jean Taylor.

Pictured on the right is our last Irish - Fearnley Annabel who departed this world in 1998.

Having limited kennel space we breed occasionally - when we are looking for a puppy for ourselves.

Our aim is that our dogs will be companions, affectionate, intelligent and always anxious to please.

In the show ring our hope is that they will be recognised as being typical of the breed & breed standard, displaying sound confirmation coupled with flowing true movement.

Our dogs are all family pets and have had consistent success in the show ring - check out 'Our Dogs' page.




Why Lochindorb ?

We are both 'Highlanders' to birth and at heart. So when selecting a Kennel Affix for registration with the Kennel Club in 1968 our selection came from the land of our forefathers - the Scottish Highlands.

Lochindorb is located, in the Highlands of Scotland, on Dava Moor south of Nairn on the way to Grantown-on-Spey and Aviemore. It contains a partly man-made island on which stands the ruins of Lochindorb Castle.

Lochindorb comes from the Gaelic meaning 'Loch of Trouble' and the castle has certainly had its fair share of that!

Dating back to the 13th century, it was originally held by the Comyns, but later occupied by the English and was visited by Edward I in 1303 when he stayed here for 9 days, hunting out on the moor. Later it was used as a prison and also a garrison for English troops.

At the end of the 14th century, it was gifted by Robert II to his third son, the notorious Wolf of Badenoch, Alexander Stewart, who rampaged around quite a bit of the local area. Lochindorb was said to be his favourite haunt.




For More Information on the Castles of Scotland and for all things 'Scottish' - follow this link - http://www.castles.org/Chatelaine/





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